Store Front eCommerce Website Project

Created a secure data-driven ASP.NET MVC application from design through deployment for managing training and continuing education with a Learning Management System within a company.

Store Front eCommerce Website Project

Store Front is a secure application for managing product data. The application is built to simulate an online store with a shopping cart. Administrators have the ability to manage product, category, and vendor data.

Node GraphQL Project

The Node, Apollo, GraphQL project showcases setting up a fully functional Node enviroment that implements a graphQL api. Feel Free to test a query:

query { messages { edges { user { id username } text } } }
Weater App Image

The Weather App is a Single Page Application (SPA) created with create-react-app and uses ES6 Functional Components with Hooks. The app consumes data from the OpenWeatherMap API to present to the user.

Small Busienss Site Image

The KC OSS site was a small business project to create a design based on customer provided specs. The site was to be built without a CSS framework, and mobile-first was not a requirement. All styles and layout were done by hand!

Weater App Image

Battlefield Earth is a C# console game! It is designed to show OOP principles and project structure in the C# language. Please feel free to check it out!

Image Gallery Image

The Image Gallery uses HTML5, CSS Flexbox, and JavaScript to build an interactive, smooth image gallery experience. Once the page launches, click on any image to expand, click again to close.

Tumbnail of EEToolBox Web App is a tool built to assist players in-game by providing a list of AI countries that can be attacked to gain resources. It helps calculate estimated returns and allows for filter and sorting per column to narrow down the data! If you are an employer and would like guest access to view it, please let me know! You may also view a larger image below; click the thumbnail!