Flutter State Management

Flutter State Management


State management is a big topic for any framework. I will go over two of my favorite solutions for Flutter: Riverpod & Bloc

State management in flutter

Once you start building apps with Flutter, you will quickly learn that state management is critical and can set you up for success or failure if it is not done correctly. There are many solutions out there, and I would suggest you look at a list of state management approaches to see if any are a good fit for you. I will go over two of my favorite solutions to date.


Riverpod lets you manage the state in a compile-safe way. This is especially important for fast, accurate development. One problem with provider was that you could get runtime errors which could cost you development time and energy.

Riverpod is independent from the widget-tree and it allows you more options to manage state throught your application. If this is something you think your app could benefit from please see their documentation at https://riverpod.dev


Bloc is a Flutter Favorite and has received over 1,100 likes. It is a very popular, proven solution. This library helps implement the BLoC design pattern (Business Logic Component). Please see their documentation at https://bloclibrary.dev to learn more!

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