Dart Flutter!

Dart Flutter!


Continuing my journey as a Full-Stack Developer, I am learning Dart and Flutter. What is Dart? What is Flutter? Come find out!

Dart is an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP)

Dart is the programming language used to code Flutter apps and was created by Google. Dart feels a lot like any other C-based OOP language, so if you prefer the C style of languages, you may just like Dart Flutter for your next project. Dart, especially with Flutter, is primarily used for App development and is a full-fledged programming language that can build almost anything on the web, servers, desktop, and mobile.

Advantages of Dart?

With so many options, why choose dart? There are a few advantages for Dart. When used in Flutter apps, the Dart files are compiled and packaged into a binary file, one for Android and iOS. They can be deployed to both the google play store as well as Apple's app store. In addition, Dart Flutter can also target Web and Desktop. As of this post, desktop support is still in beta.

I hope you follow me as I progress

I will be starting a project in Dart Flutter and will share my experience along the way. Should you want more info about Dart Flutter, the best place to start is their developer docs, which are outstanding! https://flutter.dev/

Contact me anytime to offer feedback, ask a question, or just say hello :)

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